Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The I'm Not Blogging Blog Is Gone

Every day I'm here is a learning experience for me. I let my feelings get hurt and I let myself get angry. This second statement truly took years to learn. I used to let anger turn inward, and it was called depression. I feel like I may be growing up, a little. Who knows!
Fabulosity in Olympia

So my new plan... as I'm creating it as I go along...

I want to continue to connect via blog and Facebook for some of you who follow me there. I will work with a few designers directly and reserve the right not to blog if you send, but you never know. I may love what you share and shout it to the world. I have chosen one event to blog for now because along with the blog work, I'm going to get to do something else I love and that's model.

This wonderful place I already loved - Lybra - has created a new fashion event called Rue La Page. And they've chosen to follow their in store model approach for the event itself. Now when you visit Lybra, you will find stunning ladies and gents in beautiful attire, in the store itself, and... if you step outside the front of Lybra, you'll be in a causeway that has another modeling stand between two rooms designated for Rue La Page. I can't wait to blend my love for live modeling, print modeling and blog/modeling.

Each year, I redefine my direction. I know we all do for as many years as we get on this beautiful planet we share. I love the virtual world and my chance to reach out and speak into a vast world and feel you there, touch you there, connect with you there.

Thank you for being patient with my ups and downs. My roller coaster rides used to be far more bumpy but perhaps we mellow with age and time and experience. I'm still impish, ornery and fun, but I don't zig and zag quite as often. When I do, I do try to share with you because you've been true to me and my project here. So hang on close. New things are on my horizon, and I can't wait to share those as well.

Meanwhile... it's almost my birthdayyy... Wheeeee
Find This Gown At Lybra

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