Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ready For a Party - Kelini, !:Lybra:!, Analog Dog, ~ghee and Son!a

A new cocktail gown for party goers. It's that time of year, planning parties, watching fireworks, meeting old friends and making new friends. I met a new designer this week while I was looking into 'business' and loved the things she created and especially appreciated her support of the inaugural year of the Miss SL Organization's first pageant.
Eva K E L I N I - Haute Couture has this Diamond Cocktail dress out as a gift for new group members. I wanted to share one of her designs after I noticed several of the candidates from the first round auditions for Miss SL 2015 chose gowns by her as their basic look. I paired with it Lybra's Marella Fascinator adorning my hair, also new from Analog Dog - Tunnel Cake, and Lybra's Cerise Necklace Diamond.
I know it's unusual to pair boots with a cocktail look but it feels so me to do so. I love booooots... any time is a good time to pull out a pair. ~ghee created these for Fall14 as part of the fashion week earlier in the year. And somewhere along the way, not quite sure where or when, I acquired these earrings from Son!a, Silver Onyx. I'm ready for a party. I've only one thing missing, a date!

* Kelini Diamond Cocktail Dress
* Son!a Madie Earrings Silver Onyx
* !:Lybra:! Cerise Necklace Diamond
* !:Lybra:! Marella Fascinator
* Analog Dog Tunnel Cake

- KaTink Poses Karolina Set
- ~ghee Fall14 Couture Boots SLink High
- October's 4Seasons Destiny Black Cherry Lips
- October's 4Seasons Line Me Up 4
- October's 4Seasons Shine White Shimmer
- Maxi Gossamer Party Inverted Crown

Standard Items:
-- October's 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos
-- SLink Hands and Feet
-- KMADD Mesh Eyes

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