Sunday, December 14, 2014

Peace On Earth Hunt 7 - Still Time! Chic and Sweet Tea At (POE 7) ; Plus New Lybra!, Unrepentant, and Wicca's Wardrobe; October's 4Seasons Keiko

More holiday fantasy this morning with The Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7). But first, the element of holly and holiday red... I took the fun little hat that Wicca added to her Red/Green gown and I kept doubling it in size until it took on the size of a playful winter's napping spot.
Also, my little shoulder friend, I'm pretty sure it's my very first wearable pet I've ever owned though I have had friends who owned all sorts of critters over the years. This one comes from a long lost friend who's come back to Second Life to take it by storm. Drop by Unrepentant and see the clever creations she's brought to life.
The Aran Christmas sweater from Chic has been hidden as have the tights by Sweet Tea for Peace On Earth Hunt. It's not too late to get all the information, the list of stores, and go hunting for holiday treats.

Keiko now has a new skin tone. Sexy, alluring, sweat and devilish in only the best possible way. October's 4Seasons makes sure every skin tone, every new face, each detail, works well together in its best hope of tempting you!

* Lybra Christmas Gift Earrings
* Chic Xmas Aran Outfit From Peach On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7)
* Sweat Tea Let It Snow Tights Blue Peace On Earth Hunt (POE 7)
* [UN] - Unrepetent Ratcoco Marie

- October's 4Seasons Seduction Gloss
- October's 4Seasons Soulful Brown
- Maxi Gossamer Swallow Wings Party Lashes
- Truth Sian

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