Saturday, December 20, 2014

La Traviata - The Fallen Woman - A Special Edition Complete Set By Chop Zuey

The music begins before the curtain rises. It draws you into a world not quite your own, real but also much larger than reality ever could be. People on stage look as if they'd been invited to a posh party, and soon you realize it is a celebration. A beautiful courtesan had been ill and now an array of people, friends, customers, even the more dubious characters, each take their place for this story beginning to unfold in La Traviata. It is a love story, a story of rank and privilege, a story of where we fit in our society, and where we do not fit. It's a tragic story of death and life, of love and love lost, and love found once more, before the final curtain falls once more.
A glorious Violetta, the pivotal figure in this opera, she is the fallen woman, la traviata roughly translates to the fallen woman. She lives in another time, a place far back in our history, and a season of life's evolution where women had few choices related to their place and station in life. A wife, with a husband, a master, a keeper, his child bearer, the one he depends on to bear heirs to his legacy... often felt as though they were locked away from the world in gilded cages. A woman of the night, the well trained courtesan, at the very point in history when some of those fallen women earned a sort of reputation that showed respect of a sort for their skills, oft sought out by the most prominent of men in society, also lived at the mercy and management of men. In either case, the women of this time period struggled to define self, to create a world they wanted to live in, and to be something beyond an appendage to a husband, father or lover.
Violetta's life volleyed between the two worlds, trying to do what was right, what was expected. On the one hand, she had wealthy men who came to her, different patrons who provided for her needs. She visited with the most notorious, the most renowned, but she knew her place. On the other hand, she realized there was one who saw beyond her failings, beyond the sin that marked her as la traviat, a man who would love her despite all she had done and all she represented. Violetta's world tumbled along, and though her story is set circa 1700s when the most powerful and beautiful courtesans in Italy ever plied their trade, it represents in some ways the same struggle for women in our current world, 2014. We as women jostle between expectations, polite society, private domestic issues, and frustrations leaving us often without answers, doing our very best to find our balance.

As I put the La Traviata Special Edition Complete Set from Chop Zuey on, the stunning jewelry, the elegant gown, and all the details of beauty that make this such a glorious design, I looked at the story for which the set was named and found a little of myself in Violetta. It's a design by Ms Belle that represents so much more than a pretty party gown or beautiful jewelry, an investment of historical value, and an addition to your wardrobe that's like nothing else you own.

* Chop Zuey La Traviata Special Edition Complete Set Deep Pink

- EMO-tions Audrey
- Maxi Gossamer Party Inverted Crown Lashes
- LOUX Sensual Lipstick 5
- Dulce Secrets Boudoir Bordello Eyeshadow
- Poseway

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