Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shu Shu Complete Outfit For Peace On Earth 7, POE 7, PosESioN For Peace On Earth 7 Also

This morning I have two new photos to share with new items from POE 7. I wore parts of this outfit last night for a photo shoot and I literally can't wait to see what the final photo looks like. It was so much fun. Thank you much to Ms. Natzuka. The outfit has layers and pieces that suit the hipster look this year. The only thing that took me a bit of time was how to layer the sizes so everything showed correctly in the end. My avis generally wear a M, but to layer, I had to start with XS under layers and build up... just a hint because I'm nice like that.
New poses are at PosESioN also, a set of three called 'Mother', also seen in the pictures.

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