Tuesday, December 9, 2014

All the Wonders Of the Season -- Argrace, ~ghee and Asteria Creations

I did a bit of hunting to find a few new hair designers. I'm looking for off the beaten path ideas. I have seen a few of you share things from places I hadn't visited and that's always fun. In the 10th year anniversary celebration of Second Life, they put out a bit of trivia and one of the questions was, "What's the highest/best selling item in the game?" "Ladies Hair" and it has been every single year since they began tallying such details. Argrace created this hair with the Santa Cap attached, which rocks because I get so frustrated trying to make hair and hats work. They did the work for me!
I saw Katherine Asteria's recent new releases note card come across my desk and I knew I had to have the Cardigan in the picture. I don't know why my tastes lean towards the asymmetric, but they do and this top was just beautiful.
There are an assortment of colors suited to this time of year. She's released a pair of pants and boots also but I like to mix and match so I pulled on a pair of ~ghee's new tights and Sky's winter boots to create this look.

*Asteria Creations Daisydaze Mesh Cardigan
*Sky Mesh Sneaker Boots Pink Reindeer
*Argrace Winter Gift For Winter

-ghee Cognac Tights

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