Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sexy and Sweet, All Because I'm a VIP At Carrie's Lingerie - Carrie's Lingerie, -{ZOZ}- at Sneak Peek, Chop Zuey

Beauty from Carrie's Lingerie, the January VIP gift called Val just looks angelic and demure, yet naughty and playful at the same time. New shoes from -{ZOZ}- at Sneak Peek, and some more elegant pieces of jewelry from Chop Zuey.
I can't tell you how much I love the Chocolate Cosmos skin at October's 4Seasons. Since I nailed down a favorite, I've had so much fun photographing her, and this time was no different. Gorgeous. Art. Sexy. Fun!

* Carrie's Lingerie Val VIP January Gift
* -{ZOZ}- Roxie White From Sneak Peek
* Chop Zuey My Father's Heart Necklace

- Chop Zuey Moon Crystals Earrings
- October's 4Seasons Ocean Depth Sparkle Shadow
- October's 4Seasons Shine White Silver Shadow
- October's 4Seasons Kinetic Pink Rose Kiss
- Gaeline Mesh Lashes Illusia
- Truth Aida
- Vestige Creations Poses

Standard Items:
-- October's 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos
-- SLink Hands and Feet
-- KMADD Mesh Eyes

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