Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's a Jolly Holiday With Carrie's - VIP At Carrie's Is Always Special ~ Also KaTink Wants You To Look Epic, So Sexy With New Poses!

I love going over to the Rose Theatre at Angel Manor. The grounds and indoors are a labyrinth of hallways and ball rooms, an art theatre and so so much more. I noticed the clock on the wall behind me was keeping real time (not just a prop, it's useful too!!) so you can tell how long I ended up hanging out there while I was working. I also happened to meet this very cute little critter. There was an angel in the critter's name and it talked to me as it hopped by on the way to the dining hall. I thought of Alice and her first vision of the Whiite Rabbit. I don't think I was dreaming, but who knows, right? I mean, I am a Caryn.
The Sexiest Can Also Be The Most Elegant
I've got new poses from KaTink. Have you ever talked to the lady behind the pose maker? I got to learn some of her story last night and it was sweet, and gave me new insight on what she does and why she does it. When you get inspiration from emotion, positive enriching life emotion, the products of that are always the best, as are her poses. This pair of poses I used were from the Opal Editorial set. You can find all sorts of fun at KaTink, but even more so, you can meet Ms. AnneMarit.
Innocence and Mischief
Carrie's Lingerie begins with lingerie but it doesn't end there. It's like opening those little Russian nesting dolls. Each time you take away a layer, there's another to enjoy. This elegant gown comes FREE, yes really truly free as part of the ongoing special VIP rewards program. You join once. And then - oh my goodness - you're blessed over and over and over again. I speak fondly of friends who've touched me along my journey. I don't think I'd be the girl I am now without Carrie Bridger and her staff. Because of her model-store assistant job, I got tuned in to the idea of sharing my world with others in fashion. That was August 2011, and now wow, it's almost 2015!

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