Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sexxxy So Sexy at Carrie's Lingerie, and It's a Limited Edition For December

Loving friends have suggested, some with a bit of ferocity, that I should get out more, away from work, and just have fun. I've been taking them seriously, because I'm pretty sure they have my health and sanity at heart. I'm not sure I have my health or sanity but that's different.
So Gorgeous
This evening, I asked a model friend to go out, having absolutely no idea where one goes out to... but I ended up at a really beautiful club called Bogart's (I hope I'm spelling it right). He had life pop up almost as soon as I arrived, but things happen. I was still bedazzled by the beautiful locale and music. I even clicked a dance ball thingie and wiggled a while.
Yes, It's Even Hotter Under This Layer!
I paused by this tree because I decided they put it there just for me. It matched my new Limited Edition gown from Carrie's Lingerie. (Yes, I've gone a bit crazy with the holiday lingerie, but it's so addicting and beautiful.) There's always a gown, and then sexxxy hot layers below that elegant exterior. The Limiteds are only out for one month each and then vaulted, never to be sold again. Thank you Bogarts for decorating for me. ~grins

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