Saturday, December 27, 2014

Taking Time To Relax, Chill Out and Recover From Family and the Holidays -- Immerschoen-Body Cult and Odelitte from Winter Market, Chop Zuey, October's 4Seasons and {{BSD Design Studio}}

I put together a very casual array of items this evening. It just felt like one of those nights after all the bright and beautiful and party-fun-terrific brilliance to embrace things that were simple. I loved the idea of a knit cap called Beanie Svenja (with hair already added!) for instance, because wearing one means one does very little to pretty-up the hair under it. Convenient, warm, cozy... and it's part of Immerschoen-Body Cult's pieces sold at the Winter Market. The Skinny Pants Tweed also come from them and are sold at the Winter Market as well. Odelitte created this oversized sweater in an Ombre blue tone for Winter Market. I then added a pair of boot-like shoes from BSD Design studio called Billionaire Baby, a new release and one of the unique designs that Chop Zuey so lovingly shared during the season of gifts that helped close out 2014 called the Mysterium Necklace. And finally, though I have settled on October's 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos as my 'default' skin tone, when new faces, special releases, gifts and the like come to October's 4Seasons, I'm excited to share, and this is Keiko with the Marigold Skin Tone and Brown Brows.

* {{BSD Design Studio}} Billionaire Baby Silver Black
* Odelitte Oversize Sweater from Winter Market Event
* Immerschoen-Body Cult Beanie Svenja Black Hair
* Immerschoen-Body Cult Skinny Pants Tweed Black
* Chop Zuey Mysterium Necklace
* October's 4Seasons Keiko Marigold Brown

- MG Wild Full Thick Lashes
- October's 4Seasons Tangerine Delight Lips
- .:Shellac Autumn Palette Nails
- Morphine Kazumi EyeShadow Fuel Liner

Standard Items:
-- SLink Hands and Feet
-- KMADD Mesh Eyes
**Personal note in response to some questions I've received since posting my personal choice in skin tone at October's 4Seasons. I absolutely adore blogging, but it's only one of many ways I want to use the skills I've developed in time related to styling and modeling. Recently, I was invited to participate in a photo advertisement and had one of the pale skin tones on because it was the one I'd happened to style that day, and had not made a conscious choice regarding skin tone prior to that day. We got to see the 'copy' before the add was published, and I realized after the fact that a sea of pale tones dotted the advertisement, but the world I live in contains people of so many different skin tones, such beautiful creams and coffee colors, burnt rich russet and freckled, tanned and tones as dark as night, but in the experiences I'd had in fashion in Second Life, the vast array of tones seemed neutralized to a few basics. At least with the 14+ shades that October has created for October's 4Seasons, I had choices that were different than the median tone, and if I embraced one of those darker tones, it would add depth to the overall photo selections for advertisements, for displays, vendors, and blogs. So I wear Chocolate Cosmos; It's a touch darker than my tanned version of me in summers past, and about three shades darker than my lighter olive skin that stays with me through fall and winter. I really loved the special edition tone she created called Cinnamon but that one hasn't returned yet. If it ends up with a neutral or natural option down the road, I might switch to Cinnamon instead of Chocolate, but for the same reasons. Being a brown tone amidst a myriad of elegant ivories and peaces feels like it's harmonizing, making the overall picture complete for all of our worlds.

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