Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Some Of the Most Exciting News I've Heard This Year

Ladies (and Gents!!)--

Some of you have asked me recently some questions about the fabulous-est pageant to take Second Life fashion by storm, the chance to become the FIRST Miss SL. I like to call it a fashion pageant because unlike runway shows where the clothier or the accessory designer takes center stage, in a contest like Miss SL, you the model take that stage, but it MUST be done fashionably to the nth degree, like better and bigger and more wonderful than anything you ever tried before it.

Yes, EVERYONE may enter. You may have a background that include pageants like Miss Mundo or Miss Metaverse, or even Miss Virtual World. You may never have entered a contest in your life. All of you, no matter your background, ALL of YOU are invited to enter the Miss SL Pageant.

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