Friday, December 5, 2014

Trying New Things With the Art Of It -- Wicca's Wardrobe, *TuttiFruitti* and Glam Dreams From Peace On Earth Hunt 7 - POE

One of the ways I learn as I go is by watching what other people are doing with their artistry and trying to figure out how to emulate. Last night, I had the worst insomniac's night but in the extra time, and due to the time being late, I got to visit with people I rarely see. I saw one of Alice Tartaglia's recent pictures and I asked her "How did you do that?" She thoughtfully offered a number of ideas and pointers, things she'd tried, and then off I went with my crayons and a head full of new ideas.
These two photos are what I came up with... I had the same concept in my head, but two different portrayals. Ultimately, I like the darker one far better, because in the darkness lay our greatest fears, our looming sense of past failures, and perhaps our motivation to do better with our now, to overcome those things we think sometimes we cannot overcome.
I wore a collection of items from various new events to style for these photos and I really liked how items from the Peace On Earth Hunt, designed by different artists, worked together. The print on the sweater and the smaller pale print on the leggings were almost identical.

From Peace On Earth Hunt 7
- *TuttiFruitti* Kylie Mesh Leggings
- Glam Dreams "Chunky Natural Sweater"
- Wicca's Wardrobe Unisex Boots

*Chop Zuey Nose Diamond White Gold/Black
*Chop Zuey Polka Dots Bangles and Necklace
*Dulce Secrets Boudoir Foxy Eyeshadow
*October's 4Seasons Toasted Almond Matte Lips
*Gaeline Phantasmagoria Mesh Lashes
*Truth Zoella

**See new page for standard items worn:

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