Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where Did the Time Go? -- .:JUMO:. at Sneak Peek: Items Designed To Match From Head To Toe!

I'm truly surprised at the speed with which this year traveled. It's so cliche, to say pithy statements at times, "Hold on to them now; they'll be grown and gone before you know it." ~insert rolled eyes~ But when I was late teens and 20 something, I was sure I everything and those old sayings were for other people. My life would be different somehow. I'd cling to every good moment, savor it like one might cherish a hug, and keep them all together in my head and heart for the times I was alone or needful of such positive energy. Some of that worked, by the way, but it did not waylay the eventually echo-worthy comments that I now say to young people who probably roll their eyes at me as much as I did back then, and remind them to hold on to them now. They'll be grown and gone before you know it. Mine are, finally settled in their own adult worlds. As eager as I have been to get them both out of the house, stabilized on their own, and dependent on self, I've also missed them like crazy. I don't think the pendulum will swing to a happy medium on this topic any longer, so I will be one of those old people spouting wisdom, clinging to the warmth and hope of the day and reaching out long distance to family and friends as I do so.
.:JUMO:. went all out in creating their addition to this month's Sneak Peek event. The Khanna outfit comes with clothing and accessories designed for use from head to toe. Necklace and earrings have been styled to suit any of the colors from the Fat Pack. One piece I'm not wearing looks like a cross between fluttery sequins, feathers and fur that billow out away from the left hip. I think my height makes it more difficult at times to make that sort of accessory successful, but for the average female height in SL, you'll love this flurry of beauty that whispers when you walk. I chose to model the color Teal but there are an additional array of colors for you to choose from: Ruby, Royal, Lavender, Gold, Emerald, and Black. If you're looking for an extra special, extra easy way to prepare for a party, a celebratory outing, or any other reason you'd don a classy cocktail dress, the options from .:JUMO:. got you covered.
I paired Dark Brown hair from Salon de Glow, October's 4Seasons makeup, mesh lashes from Gaeline, ~ghee's Aluminum Tights and a set of nails from Silken Moon called Elmslight. This combination of items I already owned accessorized this overall stunning great look with pieces that enhanced its overall beauty.

* .:JUMO:. Khanna Outfit: Teal, Ruby, Royal, Lavender, Gold, Emerald, and Black

- Salon de GLOW Dark Brown
- October's 4Seasons Candy Midnight Eyeshadow
- October's Destiny Black Cherry Lips
- Gaeline Mesh Lashes Stella
- ~ghee Aluminum Tights
- Silken Moon Elmslight Nail Appliers

Standard Items:
-- October's 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos
-- SLink Hands and Feet
-- KMADD Mesh Eyes

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