Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let Me Look Into My Crystal Ball - Wertina from Winter Market, Analog Dog, Chop Zuey and Lindy

What does the new year bring for each of us? Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball. When my sons were young and they would ask me some question to which I had no way of knowing because it was either simply information I didn't know or associated with time we hadn't had yet, I would answer, "Let me look into my crystal ball." They grew to laugh at this retort and now they make similar comments if I ask them about time off from work or other details for holidays, in much the same manner I used the phrase in their youth.
Since I don't have one of those balls, but I do have a sixth sense about some things, I feel really positive going into 2015. I think I will have a grand-child, hopefully a grand-daughter, on the way before 2015 ends. No they haven't announced it yet, and its one of those ideas where they both say oh no, we're not ready for that yet (and they're not!!) but I still believe it will be happily on its way before the year 2015 comes to a close. I also believe it's going to be my healthiest year yet since 2004 when my world fell apart at the seams. I have some say in this, obviously, by eating well, doing things that are good for the body and so forth, but also I think other things are affecting me for the better and they're going to keep doing so.
In Second Life, I'm going to get more involved in the business behind the business of modeling. I've always enjoyed the fact that modeling in SL and probably off line too, there are a thousand jobs that must be done for every single 'face' that's out on the runway showing the clothes. I've only begun to explore and have embraced the chance to invest time and talent in several ways and will continue to find ways in 2015. I had thought at one point that I would move away from blogging, and I may yet do so one day but not yet. It's not time yet. I enjoy the connection I have with designers all over the grid and I'm not ready to yield that.

I have a new gown on from Wertina, an item made for the Winter Market Event. I think I'll be sharing Analog Dog hair until sometime next year after the killer sale they had this week! Lindy had an array of patent leather heels with the pointed toe sandal look. And it will certainly be a while to share with you all the beauty of Chop Zuey from the generosity of Belle Roussel.

* Wertina Evening Gown Navy from Winter Market Event
* Chop Zuey The Promised Morrow Set from Christmas' Generous Gifts
* Lindy Birget Black Patent Leather
* Analog Dog Mash

- .::LUNA::. Penumbra A/W 14 Nails
- Maxi Gossamer Party Swallow Wings Lashes
- Muse Poses and Di's Opera Poses

Standard Items:
-- October's 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos Skin Tone Laila Face
-- SLink Hands and Feet
-- KMADD Mesh Eyes

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