Saturday, December 13, 2014

Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7) Is Still In Progress - Find This Belladonna Couture Item If You Know Where To Look, Also New Truth and Maxi Gossamer

You may notice that I didn't change much from my #HandsUpDontShoot photo and this set. These photos actually came earlier in the evening but then I got focused on the PEACE campaign and put this aside for a few hours. This morning, I share with you.
Belladonna Couture created this Reindeer Mini for Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7). You can see that without the jacket, the reindeer is right at the heart of the sweetheart neckline and perfect for a fun holiday festivity. Truth hair still has its 50% off sale in progress through 15 December, and every single hair style is on sale from the new releases to old favorites.
I chose Raquel along with a few others because you could never have too many hair styles. Maxi Gossamer created the fur and has her furs also on sale right now with a mega discount. I use her lashes all the time and have ventured into other things she's created. Bangles seen in the Don't Shoot photos are also Maxi Gossamer, her holiday gift.
Sales and gifts abound this holiday season. Now all you have to do is go out and scoop them up!

*Truth Hair Raquel
*Belladonna Couture Reindeer Mini From Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7)
*Maxi Gossamer Fur Bolero Yolanda Natural Furs
*Maxi Gossamer Boho Bangles

-Chop Zuey Love Struck White Gold
-.:JUMO:. Riyadh Heels Silver
-October's 4Seasons Seduction Gloss
-Gaeline Mesh Lashes Fantasia

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