Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Siss Boom Is At Peace On Earth Hunt 7 - POE 7 - Also a New Skin Perfect for Holiday Fun Comes From October's 4Seasons

A special doll for the holidays? You can be just that doll. This beautiful and playful Doll comes in a pale skin that looks more like a porcelain doll and this tint that's got a 'real' doll look. You know I talk about playing barbie with my avatar, and this was truly the most fun I've had in weeks, since the whole costume season of October. I have October's 4Seasons to thank for this beautiful little doll. You'll love what you find when you visit 4Seasons next.
I'm also wearing a new outfit from the Peace on Earth Hunt 7, POE 7... called Notion Dress from Siss Boom. It's the perfect little mesh mini dress for a doll, in my opinion, however, it's also perfect for so many other things too. Love its color palette. I'm excited that many of this year's hunt items are not holiday specific.

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