Friday, December 26, 2014

Pressing Onward -- New From Analog Dog - New Gifts From Chop Zuey - New From October's 4Seasons

Onward and so forth... Christmas is one of those times of year that push and pull us in multiple directions and even in the best of moments, it can overwhelm us. I felt healthier this year than in many years past, and grateful for the extra bit of energy to get through the last little bit. Now it's done for a year and I'm ready to get on with what we call 'normal'.
Back to football, and bowl games and watching television through eyes that are 'just resting'. The last of Middle Earth came this season and it feels like an era passes. I don't know if it matters what we call normal or how we live day to day. In some ways, I hope I'm like the character Scrooge realizes he wants to be by the end of A Christmas Carol. I'll keep Christmas every day in my heart, do good to others, and make merry. I'll hope the same for you.
MAG created a selection of tops and minis to go together along with multiple styles of stockings/tights. I thought the grey with the rose patterned patches suited me perfectly. I love roses and though it's a little too cold for my roses to begin new Spring growth, that time will soon be here and meanwhile, I can find wonderlands like the one in the photos. Chop Zuey's gifts abound, and will until the end of the month. I'm wearing a combination of the men's items including Chakra Warrior Cuffs, the Crunchy Salamander (does that mean it's crunchy when bitten? ewww), and Razor's Edge Earrings. Also new is October's 4Seasons Keiko in Latte. This skin tone has a middle of the spectrum appeal that's suited for lots of different nationalities depending how you accessorize her. And I'm not sure if the creator at Analog Dog knew how amazing the deal was that she offered on Christmas Day but I could not pass up the opportunity for a few new FREE updos including this one called Chance. Thank you, Analog Dog!

* MAG Frill Dress Light Grey and Roses
* Chop Zuey Chakra Warrior Cuffs Bracelets
* Chop Zuey Crunchy Salamander Brooch
* Chop Zuey The Razor's Edge Earrings
* October's 4Seasons NEW Keiko Latte Black Brows
* Analog Dog Chance

- Liv-Glam Palladium Stud Boots
- October's 4Seasons Candy Ocean Eyeshadow
- October's 4Seasons Glamour Sunset Lips
- Gaeline Mesh Lashes Fantasia
- KaTink Chanel Poses

Standard Items:
-- SLink Hands and Feet
-- KMADD Mesh Eyes

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