Monday, July 1, 2013

Casually Making It Through Another Monday -- Featuring Baboom! and Face Paint

I'm still working my way through the mound of products that Eve created while I was away and loving every minute of it. Face Paint really has turned into a one stop avi accessories shop. If you haven't been by in a while, the build is new, many new products are on display, and you'll almost always find at least one sale item on the wall.

Combining some of my favorite gold lips with the already colorful new Destiny face art, I was able to make it more sunny and summery. With the color palette of Destiny, you'll be able to use it in multiple seasons.

I don't assume anything in Second Life, and I'm aware that places evolve, and have varied needs as they come and go along with many people coming and going. I had not expected then to have any of the same designers work with me when I returned last week. I just didn't think it would be fair to assume a spot I left vacant for two months would still be open. When some of the designers did welcome me with arms wide open, it meant more than they might even realize.

Kyra Camel does an amazing job with her store, "Baboom!" and sent me a stunning dress with heels, jewelry and a handbag. I couldn't wait to pair them with some of the Face Paint new releases. I was thrilled to be in another of Kyra's creations. She has a sleek and sexy aesthetic with a healthy dose of classy. It's the perfect blend for me. And --any-- shoes that are color changeable make me smile because then I don't have to have 20 pair of shoes!

Featured Baboom! Color Me Crazy Shoes
Featured Baboom! Handbag
Featured Baboom! Jewelry Set
Featured Baboom! Solea Mesh Dress Light
Featured Face Paint NIC Destiny
Featured Face Paint Deborah Skin Fair
Featured Face Paint Long Prim Eyelashes Brown
Featured Face Paint French Square Prim Nails
1. EMO-tions: Anna 2
2. Poetic Colors: Autumn Moon
3. Face Paint: Gold Lips

4. Poses built into prop at Face Paint

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