Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Shines -- Featuring Totally Random and Chop Zuey

Summer shines. People in general spend more time outdoors, enjoy longer days, and spend more time on vacation at this point in their year than any other time. Long lazy summer afternoons give way to lightning bugs and fireworks and other evening entertainment at this time of year.

For some of us, I've learned that it's certainly not only me, our world out of doors really seems as foreign as life on Venus might be, and the seasons that come and go do so out the window where we can watch but maybe not experience. It's one of many reasons why Second Life can be so valued by us.

Some have said  casually or curtly, "Get a real life." Many say this who don't know me well. Even family and friends who live a good distance away from us express concern for me and my time online. What they don't realize ~ I love my online world because while I watch the world outside my window change, spring, summer, autumn, winter - I don't experience it, but in Second Life, I embrace everything. Summer still shines for me, but it's just the virtual reality of summer, and for me, it's priceless.

These sherbet colored dresses fit naturally, hugging to the body and leaving just enough skin to entice without being overly bold and they made me think of summer spaghetti strap dresses I used to wear (and fight with those awful straps constantly!!) and all the fun activities I enjoyed while wearing them. Any time art and crafty design in Second Life can help me remember a moment from my past or enjoy a moment in my present, it's a very good thing. I hope you too find that Summer Shines!

Featuring Totally Random Shades of the Summer - Moss
Featuring Chop Zuey Always True Bangles (1)
Featuring Chop Zuey Always True Necklace (part A)
1. EMO-tions: Fabienne
2. Poetic Colors: Quicksilver
3. Face Paint: Niki Lip Gloss 6
4. Candy Nail: Rose Garden Classic
5. Oceane's: Rose Natural Coffee Tan
6. N-Core: Slingback Xtreme Heel II

7. Taken on location at The Heating Pool

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