Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loving Carrie's Lingerie... Featuring Carrie's Lingerie and the VIP Program

The beginning of any interest I might have ever had modeling began at Carrie's Lingerie. I was enamored with her gorgeous designs, and bought an array of things that just made me feel like I was beautiful. After a while, I got to know her store fairly well and eventually grew brave enough to apply to work there. It was one of my most favorite Second Life experiences. At the time I stopped working there, I was the idiot making one of those human mistakes and overreacting. I would go back and have a redo if I could. I regret the negative energy I left with, but continue to this day to enjoy the beauty that is her art.

The VIP program, when I joined it, was way out of my price range. I don't import dollars to Second Life, so everything I've ever been able to spend I made in Second Life doing something. It gives me a real appreciation for good investments and in this particular case, the VIP membership was one of the best investments I ever made. It's more than paid for itself, many times over, and I've seen so many different delightful deals and hunts and treats, it's overwhelming. The lingerie she makes is classy and sensual. If you haven't ever visited, it's a great time to go because the whole store has recently had massive upgrades, changes and new products introduced to add Lola Tango applier options to almost everything sold in the store! 

Featuring Carrie's Black Beauty
1. [elika]: Abbey
2. Poetic Colors: Oriental Pearl
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
4. Face Paint: Mix & Match - Coppertone
5. Glam Affair Skins: Amberly
6. Chop Zuey: Eilifu
7. In-Pose!

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