Saturday, July 6, 2013

Do Assumptions Ever Trap You? -- Featuring [[Masoom]] and {{BSD Design Studio}}

I do attempt to be organized in my Second Life. I try to make my inventory make sense. I delete extraneous pages from each pack as I unpack it, and other things to also decrease the size of my inventory. I also create folders for the designers I work with most often. It's not a failsafe system but it does save some time finding items... usually.

This week, I knew I wanted to style this pretty little minidress with a pair of shoes from {{BSD Design Studio}} and  began to hunt in my inventory for shoes. I have a category 'shoes' and then sub categories for different types of shoes. Boots. Heels. But I have a separate {{BSD Design Studio}} folder and found some delicious heels. One thing I love about {{BSD Design Studio}}, she makes her own mesh so every single design is original!

So I put on the heels and then looked at this folder of {{BSD Design Studio}} and didn't recall looking at all the folders there. I opened them, one at a time, and 'wore' the items, and wow. I realized I'd assumed that I had a folder with shoes, but I had folders with a great handbag and another with earrings and yet another with a necklace! What a treasure to find. I almost let my assumptions trap me in one train of thought and I"d have never seen the gorgeous bag and necklace you see here as part of this styling. I do try to avoid the assumptions we could make in life, but sometimes I fall right into the trap. Do you?

Featured {{BSD Design Studio}} Eternal Beauty Necklace
Featured {{BSD Design Studio}} Model Off Duty Pnk Bag
Featured [[Masoom]] Amina Dress
1. EMO-tions: Lavina
2. Poetic Colors: Storm
3. Face Paint: Round Classic Prim Nails
4. Face Paint: Nyree Storm
5. Face Paint: Brown Liner
6. Glam Affair Skin: Amberly
7. Chop Zuey: Candy Kisses Bracelet
8. Taken on location at Fairy Forest 

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