Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Till My Puzzler Was Sore -- Featuring Dot-Be Fashion, Chop Zuey and Face Paint

I seem to collect quotes from the most random of places. One that came to mind today comes from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (by Dr. Seuss) and yes, I know it's July! Who thinks of quotes from Christmas tales in July? Me... 

How can you be something you're not? This question has rambled around in my head most of the day. It relates to alts and typists and role-play and characters and modeling. I know that some of the time, I don't have to think before I prep an outfit for photos for my blog. I just sense what I need and the rest just takes time to make it happen.

But there are times, like when I first opened this fantastic Gothly Jacket from Dot-Be Fashion that I wonder if I'm just a little girl playing dress up again, and if I am, is my lipstick on crooked or my eye makeup more like a crayon than a wand? I could dress up when it was play time, from a Pirate to Cinderella, and I knew that at 8 or 10, a garish costume just looked cute.

 I know better these days, and if I don't make the right choices, I'm going to completely miss the mark. Today, this is my best 'goth' style. Boniefacio makes a wide array of attire for men and women, and I enjoy all of it. Some of it just pushes me out of my comfort zone a little more. Then I wonder if I'm playing dress up or showcasing an outfit like a model. I hope the latter is mostly true.

Featured Dot-Be Fashion Gothly Female Jacket
Featured Chop Zuey Spangles Ring
Featured Face Paint SILVER Eyes
1. EMO-tions: Taylor
2. Face Paint: Gem Eyes Grey
3. Face Paint: Deadly Black
4. Face Paint: Gem Square Prim Nails
5. Face Paint: Long Prim Eye Lashes Black
6. Blacklace: Flirt Cut Denim Jeans White

7. Amour Signature: Ciara Zebra MESH Boots
8. Set by Demise of Flight
9. Poses by Manifeste

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