Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fashion Therapy -- Featuring Evolve

Long before I knew much about this business, I had read note cards that went out that mentioned "Fashion Therapy". It hit me as amusing and actually a possibility that would work for some of us. Sometimes all we need to do is get outside of our head, and shopping does that.

Evolve participates in a number of sales each week, so even if your budget is slim like mine is, you'll find something lovely and at a great price. This Hiraoki dress comes from the 60L sale board. With a little bit of something for everyone, it's an ideal shopping stop and fashion therapy.

Some of you might notice that these photos posted here do not have borders around them and it's intentional. After trying the July 4th Dress Group Gift, I knew I wanted to work for and with Evolve. Though you can't see much of the dress in this photo, it's featured on an entry earlier this week. And the photos are raw so the staff might evaluate my images as fairly as possible. Whatever happens, I've been blessed!

Featuring Evolve Hiroaki Dress Purple
1. Truth Hair: Ana (1)
2. EMO-tions: Chevia (2)
3. Poetic Colors: Autumn Moon (1)
4. Poetic Colors: Autumn Colors - Storm (2)
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
6. Face Paint: Trin Gloss 1, Frosted Shadow Pink, Gem Eyes Aqua (1)
7. Face Paint: Drama Purple (2)
8. Chop Zuey: Espresso in Pompeii (2)
9. .::Joops::. Black Golden Nailed Ankle Boots
10. Manifeste Poses

Featuring Evolve July Hippie Dress
1. Poetic Colors: Autumn Colors - Storm
2. /Wasabi Pills/: Lory Mesh Hair Chocolate
3. Face Paint: Happy Fourth Basic (no fireworks)
4. Face Paint: Long Prim Eye Lashes Black

5. Onyx Paw Lip Piercing - Creator Unknown

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