Monday, July 22, 2013

From Little Bo Peep To a Party Because She Found Them -- Featuring [[Masoom]], Evolve and Luziefee

When I styled for this blog, I couldn't help but think of the resemblance I had to the children's story rhyme I knew from bygone days. I didn't have a staff, but I did find my trusty umbrella. I would hate to get that pretty frock wet!

Luziefee has this dress out for the Love Donna Flora event and it's precious. I loved the innocence of the look, and the emotion it evokes as a result. Maybe we all need to reflect back on more innocent days now and then, and visit that little girl inside ourselves when we do.

The styling for this dress "Fine Day" is almost all Luziefee too. An entire outfit comes with this, from the hat to the gloves with sculpted sleeves to the little heels. It's lively and with the muted color scheme of cadet blue and cream, I know I can enjoy styling pieces of it later with new looks.

[[Masoom]] actually put this gown out a while ago, but there's a fun story attached to this styling, so I included it in my blog for tonight. During the day, any given day, I never know what people will ask or share or say in IM or in a group. Two days ago, I responded to a 'Help Need Audience' plea that came in a conference.

I changed immediately, to suit the colors of the video, then magically swooshed through the air to this beautiful place set up for a wedding. I had no idea it was a wedding when I answered the call but loved being there. Once it was done, I took a shot up close to add to my little batch of possible head shots I might use in a contest.

Evolve has this sweet little dress Valenteen on sale this coming weekend for the 60L Sale event. It's one of those rich warm colors that almost any shade of skin can wear, and sleek and easy to wear for all sorts of occasions. I've noticed so many designers preparing for fall, on and off line, and that monochromatic look will go with all of us from summer to autumn. If the first outfit resembles a childhood memory, this from Evolve is the little girl all grown up and ready to celebrate. She found her sheep. It's as good a reason as any to Party!

Featuring Luziefee Fine Day (Part of the Love Donna Flora Event)
Featuring Noya Chrystal Platinum Female Model
1. Poetic Color: Quicksilver
2. Amacci Hair: Celine
3. Misnomer Jones: Silver Black Bead Earrings
4. {what next}: Rainy Day Pose Umbrella (2 poses used)

1. EMO-tions: Ellendir
2. Poetic Colors: Autumn Colors, storm
3. Noya: Chrystal
4. Finesmith: O-Earrings
5. [[Masoom]]: Helen
6. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
7. Face Paint: Red Lip Gloss

Featuring Evolve Valenteen 3
1. Poetic Colors: Autumn Colors, Storm
2. EMO-tions: Ellendir
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
4. Face Paint: Metallic Blue Liner and Lash
5. Sexy Mama's Prim Nails
6. Glam Affair Skin: Amberly
7. Chop Zuey: Joy Abounds Necklace
8. Chop Zuey: Love's Coming Earrings
9. Vendome: Hair Brooch
10. N-Core: Coquette
11. Taken on site at Image Essentials

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