Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Unexpected Act of Kindness -- Featuring Evolve 55L Thursday Deal

We all work in situations where we learn the patterns and daily drill of whatever it is we're invested in, work or play, people or art. The probability of patterns repeating encourage us in a way that psychologically, we may not even realize. That dependable thing though gives us stability and comfort and feed our most basic needs.

When we add new things, or meet new people, or any other first time activity, we have little ability to predict what will happen. It's logical to attach some similar thoughts to similar behaviors, so when I add new designers to my blog, I have some idea what to expect because I've worked with other designers. However, I do have to learn the new designer's personal tastes and ways so that I find balance and make myself the most useful.

This past week, Evolve added me to their blogger list. I was thrilled. When I began blogging over a year ago, I worked really hard to find designers who would work with first time bloggers and for those who helped along the way, I will be ever grateful. Some businesses however, seemed so far removed from something I'd ever earn the privilege of doing. Acceptance as a blogger for this company was one of those impossibilities in my thoughts.

Yesterday, the artistic creator behind the scenes at Evolve contacted all her bloggers and did something so unbelievably kind and unexpected that I sat in silent awe and thanksgiving. I know she's a gifted designer. I knew she had earned her reputation through hard work which I admire. I did not know her personally and so I did not know her personality. This unexpected act of kindness opened my eyes to know her a little better, and I hope to share with those who read my blog and follow my Facebook and Flickr - Reign Congrejo goes beyond the standard, and touches lives in a real and personal way.

Thank you, Ms. Reign, from the depth of my heart.

Featuring Evolve Fantasy 3
1. EMO-tions: Lissi
2. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
4. Face Paint: Sophisticates
5. Candy Nail: Harvest Beige
6. Mirror's Enigma: Nixie Light Skintone
7. N@N@: Gold Heart Bangle
8 HollyWeird: Harmony Necklace
9. Felicity: Harlow Stilettos
10. [LAP] Poses

11. Taken on location at Image Essentials

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