Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trying On Different Hats -- Featuring Dot-Be Fashion, {{BSD Design Studio}} and Chop Zuey

The world online exposes us to so many options that might otherwise never exist in our life off line. For some, it is because they live in a rural part of the world that simply does not have an array of entertainment options and for others, like me, their health does not permit outings and experiences that look and sound enticing.

I've played a little bit of every character in Second Life and explored it since March of 2005 when my first Caryn character entered this virtual world of many opportunities, and many hats. One day I was an official Second Life Mentor, the next I was helping to manage an island called Nage Prime. Each time I tried something new, it reminded me of the saying about trying on different hats.

In the southern region of the United States (and likely other places as well) when someone is graduating high school or college, they're often encouraged to try on different hats until they find the most fitting career choice. I put on {{BSD Design Studio}}'s hat, sold at the Hair Fair right now, and realized this new look with Dot-Be Fashion's very casual top and the accessories including one of Chop Zuey's always amazing and generous gifts created an image that was very new to me. I ended up trying on a new hat, both figuratively and literally.

Featuring Dot-Be Fashion Unisex Rolled Sleeve Shirt
Featuring Chop Zuey Spangles Ring
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Bandana from Hair Fair
1. EMO-tions: Anna
2. Poetic Color: Autum Colors - Storm
3. Face Paint: Marie
4. Pulcino Nails: Reyukken
5. Mirror's Enigma: Nixie Light Skintone
6. Ben's Beauty: Always Earrings
7. Miamai: Pink Catwalk Lashes

8. Boho HoBo: Bohemian Punk Mesh Jeans

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