Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Need This Job Because I Love This Job -- Featuring Luziefee and Chop Zuey

There are so many people in our current market economy (real world off line economy) who are suffering as they look and look and look some more for work. When someone gets desperate for a loaf of bread or a jug of milk to feed their children, it can be a very desperate situation indeed.

Instead of getting something they want to do, or something that follows in the vein of thought they had when they began college, they find themselves doing anything from driving a bus of school children to cleaning up after hours at a business. They aren't the pretty jobs, but they are jobs.

Maybe things will evolve into a better tomorrow with the world's brightest minds collaborating on solutions that encourage all of us, and affect all of us as well. Meanwhile, to be able to work at all off line appears to be only a random possibility rather than a sure thing, even with multiple degrees or finesse training in some specialty.

People often told me when I was in my teens, "Discover what you love doing then find someone who would pay you to do it." This would be in essence the perfect job. Some people would hate a desk job but thrive on a mountain side as a park ranger. It doesn't matter what you love, there probably is a job definition that fits you. Yet, with such a struggling job market in every field, this utopian job idea may seem far far away from you.

I encourage you not to ever give up or give in and quit. This actually applies to things you do in Second Life as well as off line. Keep knocking on doors, asking for help, asking for a chance to prove your value. Take a risk and do something for someone 'free of charge' and let them discover how amazing you are. I do not have the option to work outside the net, so I pour my heart and soul into this job and these people here. I love every minute of it, and I need it. Every place I've ever worked, I offered to simply work 'free of charge' and eventually found compensation for the work I'd done. If you have no idea what you can do or where you could do it, think outside the box, and try, try again.

Featured Luziefee Kei A Medida
Featured Chop Zuey Candy Kisses Earrings
1. Poetic Colors: Autumn Colors - Storm
2. *booN: CCV788
3. Face Paint: Nail Art Prim Manicure
4. Face Paint: Liner and Long Prim Eye Lashes Black
5. .::Beauty Code::. Skin London Tan - Red Burn Lips N
6. {{BSD Design Studio}}: Stay Cool Model - Green Croc
7. Totally Random: Shades of the Summer Hair Barette
8. Miamai Poses

9. Taken on location at Scottish Retreat

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