Saturday, July 27, 2013

Glad To Know Glam Dreams Remains! Featuring Glam Dreams

In March, one of the most exciting things I've done as a model occurred. I was permitted to walk in the Model's Workshop Spring Show.

  7.27.2013 b 

 I got to wear designers that I had never known, House of Elliot and Glam Dreams, and a familiar Snowpaws. Being introduced to Glam Dreams was a dream. Everything shown in that show was elegant and sexy. I oohed and ahhhed at the various looks friends got to wear and thrilled at the gown I was given.


 Now I find myself embracing the privilege of working with Glam Dreams once more, this time as a blogger. I saw notes go out early in the week two weeks ago that suggested Glam Dreams was closing its doors. I was disappointed!

  7.27.2013 c   

Thankfully, I spoke to one of the store managers who is also a good friend and I learned that only the main location has closed and satellite stores still offer this same beautiful quality that I'd discovered in March. This Butterflies Gown reminds me of why I enjoyed Glam Dreams so much and how much I look forward to new looks as they are revealed.

Featuring Glam Dreams Butterflies Gown
1. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
2. Truth: Kami
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
4. Mirror's Enigma: Vanity
5. D.D.M. Designs: The Bold Collection
6. Felicity: Gianna Stilettos Slate Blue
7. Purple Moon: Spanish Lady Gown Belt
8. Face Paint: Perfect Lip & Liner
9. Manifeste Poses

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