Friday, July 5, 2013

Pretty in Pink -- Featuring Dot-Be Fashion

Pink has never been my favorite color. When I receive pink items in my folders for blogging, I often look in the box to see if there's possibly another color. This time, the dress I was offered was pink or nothing at all, so I pulled it out and put it on to see it.

And I absolutely fell in love with this dress. Dot-Be Fashion designer creates both mens and women's clothes and does a fantastic job with textures that range from carefree to edgy and everything in between and each new look speaks about his talent.

I don't know if I've turned into a "pink" lover but for this moment, in this pretty flowing frock, I felt pink and it felt good. I looked at a variety of shoes to pair with it but then realized it was one of those dresses that looked awesome with bare feet and strolling in the summer sun.

Finesmith continually adds new products to the store, primarily jewelry with a twist now and then that run the gamut from unusual clothing items and shoes. The gold and turquoise set offers the glinting style of Finesmith's finest and it was free for May's montly gift. And speaking of free, the makeup from Face Paint I have with the little firework art also was free with purchase for the Fourth of July holiday.

**If you purchased anything from Face Paint during the 4th, please send me a note with your transaction history and I will send you the gift box. There are four items in the gift, separates, the makeup shown above and the same makeup but no fireworks.

Featuring Dot-Be Fashion Dress Barentu Pink
Featuring Finesmith Sura Bracelet
Featuring Finesmith Aqua Earrings and Necklace Gold
1. Poetic Colors: Oriental Pearl
2. Vanity Hair: Opium Dark Reds
3. Face Paint: Special Fourth of July
4. Face Paint: Long Prim Eyelashes Violet
5. Candy Nail: Bare Feet
6. Glam Affair Skin: Amberly
7. Take on location at Model's Workshop

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