Thursday, July 25, 2013

From the Newsroom -- Featuring KL Couture, {{BSD Design Studio}} and Face Paint

I like the show, "Newsroom" because it takes us on a fictional journey with real facts. The people in the story itself, Will McEvoy and others don't actually exist, but the coverage of the news that they explore really happened. Sometimes maybe it helps to reflect back on news in a way that fictionalizes the parties responsible for reporting it, and focuses only on the information itself. Though it's hard to remove a personal opinion from news, maybe it's a little bit easier with what we call 20.20 hindsight.

Things online happen rapidly. Time passes at a speed that illogically seems to move faster than the same type of interaction were it to happen off line. To gather details and news about any activity in virtual space must then also be done rapidly or the moment is lost altogether. Even with 20.20 hindsight, in our virtual world, we're spinning so quickly, dissemination of the news and details of fact vs. fiction continue to challenge us.

It's hard to know how much really happens and how much hearsay we 'hear' in our daily trek through the virtual world we share in Second Life. One day you're in and the next day you're out, to borrow a line from another television program. It's true too. Sometimes we're judged by a panel of our peers for incidents that never even happened and other times we get away with things that no one should overlook because the details came and went so quickly, no one had time to notice.

I try not to get swept up in the massive dialogue of information, especially that which seeks to harm more than anything else. It's a real choice I make, and for good reason. Absorbing all that is negative harms. I don't have a way to verify facts like the fictional cast of Newsroom. I have my own eyes and ears and I have a virtual world swooshing past me. I do the best to filter and make my own opinions. I know it's all I can do, given this setting. I hope you make time to do the same.

Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Urban Chic Model Bag Grey
Featuring KL Couture Estelle Mesh Cocktail Dress Water
Featuring Face Paint 2nd Birthday Group Gift Faded
1. Poetic Color: Autumn Colors - Storm
2. Amacci Hair: Silvia
3. Face Paint: Perfect Lip & Liner 3
4. Shiva: Riria
5. EMO-tions: Endless Love Set
6. Pose built in to {{BSD Design Studio}} Bag

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