Saturday, July 27, 2013

Totally Out of Character For Me... Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}}, KL Couture and [[Masoom]]

Sometimes I end up with a collection of items that are really not Caryn-ish to me, but I like to challenge myself as well as honor the designers who are so thoughtfully sharing their designs with me to blog. Even when they're not my first choice in design, it's okay because they still have value.

This styling this evening made me stretch myself as I paired an off the shoulder crop top from [[Masoom]] with a pair of hot pants from KL Couture and completed the look with a stunning pair of sandal heels from {{BSD Design Studio}}. It's a lot of sassy. Attitude seethes from the overall effect of the look.

To me, it has the energy of "I dare you to ask me to dance." A throaty growl that pierces through the noises of a club with a passion and aggression that's far more feisty than my Caryn usually gets. We all have our moments though, don't we? It's a good thing our personalities are diverse.

And when I zoomed the camera lens in close, where you can look into my eyes, the same softly spoken gentle woman looks back to you. It's interesting to me that depending on perspective, I can look saucy and swagger through a room, and in another second, perhaps pulled close in a twirl on a dance floor, the woman looking back to you continues to exude all the elements of me.

Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Super Model Marie Soleil
Featuring [[Masoom]] Mishti Top
Featuring KL Couture Melly Hot Pants
1. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
2. Truth: Pandora
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
4. Face Paint: Nic Perfect Gloss
5. Sexy Mama Valentine Manicure
6. Laq: Tasha
7. Shakeup!: Fabric Flower Ring
8. Taken on site at Image Essentials

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