Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} and Evolve

Long ago, when the land on Second Life was still very young, new designers were rare, and new ideas were abundant. In those days, I realized I could create my own outfits for less than I could spend on buying them, and most of the time do equally as well or better. It gave me a sense of confidence to wear what I'd made and even more so when someone complimented me on the work.

I needed new challenges and the face of Second Life was evolving so I got out of the clothes making business, but I still have fond memories of making art into something viable to sell in a virtual world. I also know how much time I had to invest in this to make it profitable. To this day, whether I'm looking at new gown or a new building or some new unique idea like breedable shoes, I remember these early days and find myself in awe of all that has come since.

I wish I could show you a photo of the first shoes I owned. I'm fairly sure they were hand painted onto the sliders, with a heel that was chunky like a really badly constructed Go-Go boot. It was what it was, and much of the time, it wasn't pretty. Now a designer like BabySass Champagne painstakingly works in one program to create a shape for every piece of shoe she combines to make unique, one of a kind, original mesh shoes, boots and hand bags. It's like comparing a sand castle to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Yes, she's that good! The Marie Soleil in red shown above are just the most recent example of her artistry.

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking advantage of these amazing creators. I don't import Linden into the game, so everything I spend I have to make first doing this or that in the program. When someone is kind enough to let me blog for them, I just find myself overwhelmed with gratitude. I remember tears in my eyes, just that misty happiness, when {{BSD Design Studio}} designer BabySass let me come to work with her. I do write, and blog and use her shoes in any setting possible to advertise but I know how much work it takes. I would say thank you a thousand times if it would help. Each of the designers who've given me time, products and the ability to wear some of the prettiest, classiest items ever make me smile.

Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Supermodel Marie Soleil White and Red
Featuring Evolve Fleur Dress
1. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
2. Gaeline Mesh Eyelashes: Mysteria
3. Face Paint: Come Along
4. Candy Nail: Hibiscus Bracelet
5. Candy Nail: Tea Time Nails
6. Mirror's Enigma: Azuka Light Skintone
7. [elika]: Breathe
8. Taken on site at Model's Workshop

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