Saturday, July 20, 2013

News Flash: Remember This Is Supposed To Be FUN!!

I don't know about each of you out there across the world, but I spend a lot of time online. I have my reasons and everyone else has theirs. We turn to the world online for many reasons: company, intrigue, relationships, games, interaction and so much more. I come online to feel the world around me at my fingertips.

My Second Life fulfills me and makes me smile. I enjoy the challenge of business and the business of pleasure. I like connecting to all sorts of people in all sorts of corners of the world. Some of the modeling groups I watch have a lively banter from time to time, and it only adds to the joy of belonging to that group.

Last night, one of those groups was actively jabbering about this and that, and one of the members mentioned having a gift but it was only for naughty girls. I said, "I can be naughty!" Though I think there were a few scoffs. If people only knew how naughty, but never mind. I like that you think I'm pure. That's what the name Caryn means. Pure!

This little gift arrived in my inbox and I opened it to find this enormous afro. I loved it. It reminded me of things in my childhood. I was age 2-11 in the 1970's so I experienced big hair and bell bottom pants from a little girl's point of view. And the hair did look BIGGG to me, and other things were so sparkly, so loud, so vivid. I was so thankful for the gift. It made me laugh.

My friends and acquaintances share different difficult stories with me regarding the effort and energy they devote to Second Life.  Only one person can win a contest, so that leaves 30 or 100 who did not win. The gift of hair, a gift meant to inspire humor, made me laugh and reminded me that this thing we all do in Second Life is supposed to be fun. If you put this much of your heart and life into something, I encourage you to remember to laugh sometimes and have fun.

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Special and fun feature - BeReal - a gift for 'naughty girls' - or so they said!!
1. Poetic Color: Hot Mocca
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3. Face Paint: Sunkissed
4. Pulcino: Joulutorttu
5. Liv-Glam: Amelie Bronze
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7. Taken on location at Image Essentials

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