Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do You Ever Take Things for Granted? -- Featuring Zanze and Face Paint

We probably all do sometimes; take someone or something for granted. And the odd thing is, to notice that thing or that person, to acknowledge their value, it doesn't take so much energy or time. A simple word or phrase makes all the difference.

I read a lot of blogs and subscribe to some vlogs as well. It's neat to hear some of them speaking but I've always put a lot of focus on reading so my favorite always will be the written word. Tonight, I read a blog called "50 Things Nurses Won't Tell You". One said, "A simple thank you makes all the difference. I chose to be a nurse. I knew the days would be long and the tasks could be uncomfortable at times. I still like to hear 'thank you' from my patients or their families. It helps motivate me when things are the most difficult.

Maybe you have someone in your world who needs to hear that what they do or say or how they touch your life has value. I think on a very simple level, a fashion blogger in Second Life has the joy of sharing the vastly creative designers' skills in a public and personal way. It's one way to acknowledge them. It's not complicated though. People just like to know they matter and what they do matters to someone else.

When I have the privilege of wearing Zzoie's creations at Zanze or Eve's creations from Face Paint, I celebrate the chance. I probably don't tell them thank you often enough.

Featuring Zanze Blossom Dress Sun
Featuring Face Paint Skin Elaine European Pale
1. EMO-tions: Siri
2. Poetic Color: Quicksilver
3. Face Paint: Gem Eyes Grey
4. Face Paint: Perfect Gloss
5. Face Paint Gem Square Prim Nails
6. Face Paint: Prim Eye Lashes Navy
7. EMO-tions: Endless Love Jewelry Set

8. Wilay Stylez: Nani Boots

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