Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Sneak Peek at Fall from Charltina's

There is nothing more precious than time and Lady Charltina made time last night to share her vision for her Fall collection, some of her personal experiences and a willingness to educate as we progress forward in our friendship. I do not always know where I'm stepping next, but I know that when I'm working with Lady Charltina and her expansive goals, it's the right step to take.

While I spent time with her, we looked at ballerina scripted objects and poses, and had fun with one of her new releases for fall, Ballerina Overture White. Every little girl has that idea in her mind somewhere in her childhood that she might grow up and be Clara in the Nutcracker Ballet, or something equally glamorous. And with the success of the movie Black Swan, this fall season is sure to showcase some of that elegance and timeless beauty associated to the ballet. This precious dress with the flounce around the neckline and high flurry of material around the hips echoes the notes of those dance steps spectacularly.

Special Thanks to:
Face Paint
Amacci Hair
Jewelry by Jake
Sexy Mama Nails
A&A Boots

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