Friday, August 31, 2012

Snowpaws Weekend Sales and News

Can you believe it's already September?!? I looked at the date as it rolled around here on the East Coast and I was stunned. Where does time go? I guess it flies when we're having fun and I know you're having fun at Snowpaws because we're just about to reach 250,000 guests at Snowpaws. Whee!! Don't forget there's a membership drive in progress, and you can help! Bring a friend and enjoy all the news and sales that make Snowpaws wonderful.

It's time to Hunt again; join Snowpaws and all the other great designers across the grid for the Twisted Hunt running today (9.1.2012) through the end of this month (9.30.2012). You'll love the hidden treasure you find and remember, free is always good!

Group Discount and Sales:

1. Group Discount - Radieux Evening Gown in Twilight

2. Steals and Deals - Kilau Onyx Sparkle Gown

3. Simply the Best - Radieux Evening Gown in Seafoam

4. Designer Showcase - Sadire Gown Lynx

5. 100L Gown - Kaleidescope Mini Lost at Sea (8.31.2012)

Drop by, grab the specials while they're too hot to handle, and enjoy the hunt. Bon chance!

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