Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bohemian Underground Midweek Madness

Every week I have the privilege of working with The Bohemian Underground as a part of Midweek Madness is another great week for me. This week, I spoke to the designer and realized that the avi I was using did not showcase her designs as accurately as they should be shown, so as I promised her, I created a shorter me so I could do those long gowns justice.

The Purple Jaquard Dress is one example of the long elegant design. It has two layers of skirt and beautiful sculpted sleeves to add depth and realism. The pretty trim of tiny white dots lended itself to pearls, but with this beautiful purple tone, you could decorate with gold and platinum as well. 

This Rose Red Silk Gown had a Far East feel to it and I thought of all those beautiful hand woven silks that come from that part of the world. Down the middle of the bodice and again around the hem of the gown, gold and white and silver patterns add just the right touch of color to the rich red hue.

I loved the name of this tea length gown: Fireworks Party Dress. Every time I've ever been to a fireworks display, there's been a festive atmosphere. This dress embodies that festivity. Rich jewel tones and metallics paired with a dark rust makes this gown perfect for fall.

For more information:
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Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~ (1&2)
Zuri's Jewels (3)
R2 Shoes (1&2)
Nardcotix (3)

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