Monday, August 13, 2012

Snowpaws New Petite Release and Sales News

After great reception from each of you regarding the beautiful Sadire gown, a version of it has been released to the Petites!

Another update comes to the popular Ballerina Dress - Powderpuff.

Please support all the worthy causes that Snowpaws has invested in as well. The Pink Ribbon fair is underway and runs through August 25th. Money donated to this cause will go to support breast cancer research. Visit: The Pink Ribbon Fair

If you enjoy hunts, visit Snowpaws today and join the August Diamond Hunt. Also, coming in September, Snowpaws joins with other designers for the Big Things in Small Packages Hunt. (More information - Big Things in Small Packages Hunt Blog .

Snowpaws is a proud sponsor of the Netera Lander Show and next month, Carrie Snowpaw will be a guest on her show. Details to come...Visit The Netera Lander Show Studio .

Monday Mania's Sales item is the Alato Moody Gown -

And the 100L Dress for today 8.13.2012 is the Body Wrap Dress in Cardinal -

And last but never least, Snowpaws encourages you to bring friends to enjoy the Snowpaws shopping experience and join the Snowpaws in world group or subscribe to the Snowpaws group. Either way, you'll be helping Snowpaws reach it's membership drive goal of 10,000 members!

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