Monday, August 20, 2012

IntimateLife (Part of PondLife Enterprises) Living Room Sets

Lately, Second Life has evolved so rapidly that I'm not always sure what's old school or new school or just plain clever. I just know what I enjoy! Maybe that's the easiest measure to take of anything.

If you're all about mesh, then this set will suit you well. A modern style works well with the coloring skewed just enough that it doesn't 'quite match'. In high end homes and fancy boutiques for both interior design and fashion, this essence of not quite matching is super hip right now. And if you're using other color tones in your home, the pieces have options for different texture, color and tone so you can play with diversity to your heart's content.

For sculpt lovers, there's another living room set that's just for you. Again you have color, texture and hue options, so you can play with the layout of your room as well as adjust to just the right set of colors to match your favorite build.

This photo shows the method which this designer uses to allow for creative flair. You can edit each of the pieces shown, and really take either living room set and make a whole plethora of 'looks' suitable for everything from 'olde country' to 'southwestern' and so much more. Shadows and light accents give even more dimension to the three dimensional display and menu driven furniture allows for animated interaction. There's a little bit of everything you need to enhance at least one room of your Second Life in each of these sets.

Set 1: Sofa and Chair MESH Living Room - Mesh Modern Intimate
Set 2: Sofa and Chair Sculpted Living Room - Overstuffed Intimate

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