Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sugar and Cyanide: A Men's Coat and Tee... But!

I got a note from Jay Shadows-Andrews with this newest release from Sugar and Cyanide, (paraphrased) I know most of my bloggers are female, but could you please post the photo to your blogs...

I wanted to take the time to style the jacket and tees, however, because one of the hottest trends in high fashion this year is the androgenous look. This jacket makes me feel like I'm wearing my sweetheart's clothing, but who among us hasn't wanted to do so or has done so along the way?! With some jewelry and heels and a great mesh pair of jeans, this jacket and tee set (three jacket colors and three tee prints available), the overall look appealed to me even if I do have curves.

It's the vendor photo.

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
HS Jewelry
Liv-Glam Mesh Jeans

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