Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hope for Emilia Closing Party...

Tu sei bellissima ed entusiasmante per aver organizzato questo, signorina Anna Sapphire.

Anna Sapphire

The closing party was held at the Energy Club and DJ Datrip, among many DJ's slated to keep the party fun and lively, kicked things off in style, dancing up on stage.

Datrip Blackbart

For everyone who participated in the Hope for Emilia event, the efforts invested will reap rewards few of us may never see yet will touch more than many of us could fathom. Each small part ripples and affects our world. If you're still interested in continuing efforts to support the Hope for Emilia campaign, contact Anna Sapphire. She has information for ongoing support.

Thanks for the invitation to this fun celebratory event!

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