Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two New Releases and a Free Gift from Liv-Glam

I found myself blown away with the craftsmanship of the dresses that came out this week from Liv-Glam. Not only did the designer work her fingers to the bone, she really pushed the limitations of mesh and pulled the very best out of it as a result.

The Samantha Polko Dress came with multiple textures, all with the stunning quality seen in the photo above, so terrific that I flipped through them several times to see what I had. I love the way the sweetheart neckline works with the shape of the waistline, giving a bandeau top illusion. A miniskirt with lots of layers then come away from the body just below the high waist. It's a work of art. 

The Olivia Jumpsuit Romper also had a terrific collection of textures. Sleek at the top and strapless, the jumper then hangs loose and easy around the middle of your body, just below the knee in a capri cut pant, and the crotch of the pants rides low like you might have just escaped Aladdin's lamp!

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
N-Core Shoes (1)
Juicy Shoes (2)
::PM:: Jewelry (1)
Artistry by ~E~ (2)
Chop Zuey (2)
.::KK::. Glasses

A special version of the Samantha Polko Dress is free gift 008.

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