Sunday, August 12, 2012

Freakshow Academy: Sedation 8.12.2012

When I entered the auditorium set for the Freakshow Academy's fashion show Sedation, I was immediately transported into a creative atmosphere that was part fantasy, part science fiction and so beautifully different. 

I was a huge fan of the blockbuster movie Avatar and the set reminded me of that.

The lovely Lady Nicki Vervain shared her creations as MC as well as Owner of Freakshow Academy and Designer of the fashions shown.

Lady Blue Porchers worked behind the scenes as Show Director and the evening wouldn't have been the same without her incredible work.

Each of the models wore a signature tuxedo collar and tie, and as the show began, the style of the designer spoke wordlessly in each new look that appeared on the runway.

I got a sense that some of the designs, like the one shown above, might be used in Johnny Depp's style of movie.

Whether the models wore pants, short dresses or gowns, the cohesion of the collection worked wonderfully well.

Effort was obvious as each model presented perfect styling to accentuate the designer's aesthetic.

A most amazing gown inspired me to think of the perfect Gothic wedding, with the bride in the above photo.

A fierce looking little demon strolled out and captivated the audience. Dark and oh so beautiful...

Motion flowed through each creative look as well, even when the model paused to pose on the runway, the illusion of motion made her come alive.

An angel? A fallen angel? It's hard to tell...

It's a tremendous treat to see content creators all around us in Second Life exuding their infinite capabilities in art and fashion.

A touch of the burlesque, modern and sexy...

The sleek lines of this gown would work in almost any setting, noir or otherwise. And the sparkling silvery grey palette invites any color choice as well, leaving you so many options.

Curves and hard edges, hot and cold,  darkness and light... all of these themes appeared as the show progressed. And at the end of the show, the designer randomly chose guests from the audience to receive the entire collection as a gift. This generous gesture capped the beautiful show.

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