Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Boho Culture Fair: Coming Soon

When I think of the Boho culture, I think of the Moulin Rouge mixed with Nicole Richie and her sense of style and design.

Designers from all over SL have been invited to participate and if you haven't heard about it or want more information, the fair will run October 15 through October 31. The deadline to apply as a blogger is September 1 and the deadline to apply as a designer is September 16. Contact Crisshoney Violet - Staff & CEO or Fiorella Clarity- Staff & CEO if you're interested in becoming a part of this great project.

Sponsor stores (as of 8.19.2012):  NV, AngelRed, Chandelle, CStart Limited, Boho Hobo, *Anymore, Beauty Dirty Rich, I Love fashion, Envyme, Hinako Hair, LD Major, :::Shiva:::, Legal Insanity, ArisAris, Modish, Dew, Sassy!, Blow.up, Avale, Just You Jewellry, CountDown.

A favorite scene from Moulin Rouge about the Bohemian Revolution:

I believe in Love

Christian: I can't write for the Moulin Rouge.

Tolouse: But why not?
Christian: I.. I'm not even sure I am a real bohemian revolutionary!
Tolouse: What? Don't you believe in beauty?
Christian: Yes.
Argentine: Freedom?
Christian: Yes, of course.
Satie: Truth?
Christian: Yes.
Doctor: Love?
Christian: Love? Love... Above all things I believe in love! Love is like oxygen. Love is a many-splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love!
Tolouse: See? You can't fool us! You're the boy of The Children of the Revolution!

Do you believe in the Bohemian Revolution?

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