Wednesday, August 29, 2012

IntimateLife (PondLife Enterprises) Pergolas and Benches

It did not take me long to discover how biased I am when it comes to IntimateLife products. I jump up and down mentally when Mr. Eladon shares something new to explore.

 From Left to Right:
1. Sculpted Planter B w/ 3 Plants & Hanging Ferns
2. Decorative Mesh Pergola w/ Hanging Wisteria
3. Multipose Mesh Intimate Garden Curves Bench
4. Sculpted Planter 3 w/ 3 Plants

In each photo I've rearranged an array of items sold at his store, and items that will be on sale very soon.

Lovers Pergola Intimate

The fine details make it all so believable. When mother was living, she was a garden angel. I recall summers sitting on the porch while she fussed over her plants. Colors draped everywhere around us, and these pieces bring back those wonderful memories.

1,Multipose Mesh Intimate Modern Mall Metal Bench
2. Sculpted Planter w/ 3 Plants & Hanging Ferns

Though most of us are aware of how healthy plants make us feel and on the scientific level, it's related to the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, a symbiotic relationship that's healthy for both human and plant, we may not be as aware of the impact the idea of plants and life and green and healthy have on our subconscious and since it's an idea and not a chemical balance of some sort, it applies in Second Life just as it does in our world off line. An addition of something from IntimateLife's garden benches or pergolas to your property could literally make you feel more content.

1. Multipose Intimate Weathered Garden Park Cuddle & Lunch Bench
2. Decorative Mesh Pergola w/ Hanging Wisteria

Wisteria always seemed to be a little like summer magic. It drapes across trees or trellises and looks like tiny clusters of grapes then falls late in summer like lavender snow. The beauty it adds as contrast against the brown benches and the greenery of the plants is perfect for your decor.

Visit: IntimateLife (PondLife Enterprises)

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