Thursday, August 16, 2012

Charltina's Mint Mesh Wrap... and More!

Each company in Second Life runs a little bit differently. Some create a business environment that looks very much like a business environment off line, with a CEO, management and staff all with very clear roles. Others take a very hands on approach and do almost all of the 'work' themselves, design, craftsmanship, marketing, photography, and sales.

And then there are businesses that work more like a family, small families, large families and all sorts of interconnect tissue woven between each member to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Charltina's blends the savvy of a wise business acumen and the loving relationships shared in a family. When I went to a photo shoot today for print modeling, there was a great deal of focus, hard work, and many things were accomplished as a result. However, this was not all that happened. Fellowship also occurred, and friendships strengthened. Second Life presents us all with odd little adversities, quirks none of us can predict, yet we know they will come. At the photo shoot that included the pretty Mint Mesh Wrap Dress and other colors as well modeled in the top picture by Charltina's Model Lady BillieRae, myself, and Lady Charltina (Designer and Owner of Charltina's), we went singing in the rain and conquered the glitches of Second Life together. All the while, we laughed and saved beautiful memories for future reflection. It's truly a gift when an environment becomes more than just a place to work.

Thanks to:
Face Paint - Make-up and Bangles
Truth Hair
Finesmith Jewelry
Uzuri Cuff
{what next} Umbrella

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