Friday, August 17, 2012

Snowpaws News and Sales

This weekend, you still have time to join in the August Diamond hunt, so make some time, bring a friend, and enjoy. The hunt has two Snowpaws special outfits with pieces of those outfits in several diamonds. Also you will find diamonds containing items from Face Paint, Coco Sands Shapes and Simply Shila's, our guest merchants.

A new release appeared with a bit of pixie dust and great creative flair... Saite Fairy outfit to satisfy that playful part of you that always wanted to be a creature of magic and lore. This outfit comes in Forest, Sunrise, Night and Petal.

Many merchants gathered all in one location with the goal of raising money for Breast Cancer research. Snowpaws proudly joins with these other merchants in the Pink Ribbon Fair. Many of us have been touched in some way by breast cancer, whether we ourselves have had it or have a loved one who has. Drop by the fair this weekend and share your support. This fair runs through August 25.

Our next hunt will thrill all of our Petites lovers - Big Things in Small Packages Petites Hunt begins September 15 and runs through October 15. 

Snowpaws continues to support the Netera Landar Show where many different people have been interviewed over the past four years in live chat format. The show is recorded in her studio on Terric and airs at 10 and 11 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Next month, Carrie Snowpaw will be her guest. More information will be shared when we get closer to the date so you can be in the audience!

Sales for the week -

1. Group Discount: Radieux Evening Gown in Twilight

2. 60L Weekend: Sadire Mermaid Gown in Violet

3. Steals and Deals: Tiss Gown in Snow

4. Simply the Best: Sangria Maxi Dress (mesh) in Black and White

5. Designer Showcase: Toile Bluebell Dress

6. 100L Special Dress: Brisa Crochet Dress (8.18.2012)

With all these wonderful reasons to drop by Snowpaws, we know you'll enjoy shopping this weekend. Please, bring a friend. We're nearing the mark of our membership drive goal of 10,000 members... and we need you. Join the in world group or the group subscriber and you will help us reach that goal! The rewards will be fantastic, with sales, balloons and Carrie might even bake a cake, or at least have one! 

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