Saturday, August 18, 2012

Creations for Parkinson's Event

This afternoon, I had the joy of visiting the Creations for Parkinson's Sim, an ongoing event that features different designers each week, in Second Life since May 19, 2012. All the proceeds raised by this project go to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation. There is an article on the official website about Second Life members and their support.

Visit: Michael J. Fox Foundation
And: Link Regarding SL's Support

The featured designer this week was KINU from [SAKIDE]. Several unique designs were for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation and its ongoing research.

The Balladeer, a singing sensation in SL, provided music from the past and present in his wonderful classy style for the duration of the time I was able to attend. His voice will take you back in time to some of those special moments in your life when you heard that song with... and he might make you melt a little ladies, but... he's a beloved husband, partner and friend to Lady Charltina Christensen both in Second Life and in their world off line. Still, if you have the chance to hear him sing, you'll enjoy the opportunity.

I have been in Second Life since just before it turned two, and so many things have evolved. Live music comes to us straight from someone's studio. Amazing dance animations make a party terrific... And the support of charitable organizations has exponentially grown over time. It's a remarkable world to share!

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