Monday, August 27, 2012

Sugar and Cyanide's Offering for the Harvest Moon Hunt

One of my Second Life mottos since 2004 when I first started - Free IS Always Good! And this makes sense. We all want to enjoy Second Life and we're all living some sort of life off line that takes precedent when it comes to finances, so juggling the need for new fun items in world has to be balanced.

An absolutely beautiful tone of orange paints this dress perfect for fall and for Halloween, just right for the Harvest Moon Halloween Hunt. You'll enjoy one of the best colors in all of fashion for 2012 paired with a hunt and it's free when you find it. You can find out more about the hunt when you visit Sugar and Cyanide, and enjoy!

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
tulip Stockings
KKBB Shoes
Ethnik Bangles and
Sexy Mama Nails

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