Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kabuki's Newest Creations for August

Kabuki's treasures this month bring you and someone special just a little closer. Each of this month's new poses packages pair you up deliciously!

The Lover's Cuddle works well if you love the beach as much as I do. A blanket, radio and a cooler for munchies accent the layout and the pose pair offers that sweet caress  of skin while sharing the blanket and watching the surf.

Mmm... a little more lotion just... right... there. The Beach Lover's Suntan provides another great layout option for the beach for you and someone you enjoy up close and personal. Rub on some lotion then lay back and relax.

Cuddle time makes us all feel better whether we cuddle with a best friend or lover, that gentle touch of human connection helps us rejuvenate. The Heart of Mine set will fit into any home or perhaps outdoors on a patio. A small ottoman sits low to the floor with the pair pose set providing a nestling warmth.

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